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At Care With Quality, we understand that residents of Residential Care Facilities and Retirement Villages may have unique needs that require additional support beyond what is typically provided. For instance, some families may request our services to ensure their loved one is receiving adequate assistance with mealtimes or to provide one-on-one engagement, such as a walk to the park or sharing the daily news. Other families may need extra support during times when they are away and unable to visit their loved one.

We recognise that Retirement Villages often do not offer in-house support services, so our team at Care With Quality is equipped to provide a range of services to meet these needs. We take great care in working with families and facilities to tailor our services to each individual’s specific needs and preferences.

Our clients’ families have shared with us the peace of mind they feel in knowing their loved one is receiving additional care and attention. We are committed to providing compassionate, reliable support to help enhance the quality of life for our clients in Residential Care Facilities and Retirement Villages.

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