Respite Care

Traditionally ‘respite care’ has been referred to the care of a client by a paid Careworker so that the usual (family or unpaid) Carer can have a break from the care role, “time out from the usual duties.” Respite can also mean “a pause for relaxation”. So whether it’s to give some time off to the family member providing care, or just the need for someone to pause for some relaxation and fun themselves, Care With Quality provides the support required.

Respite care can be “in-home” or out and about in the community, using the Careworker’s car, public transport or walking locally.

Any type of respite can start with a Leisure Assessment that determines the best use of respite time for the client, according to his or her age and past or present interests.
Careworkers’ skills and interests are varied. Some Careworkers have been trained in creating Life Books, others love to kick the footy in the park.

Whether or not a Leisure Assessment has been performed our Care Coordination staff will spend time finding the best match between client and Careworker. If requested, a Meet and Greet can be held prior to commencement of Respite Services, which allows for the client and Careworker to be familiar with each other prior to the respite commencing. We also understand that we don’t always find the perfect match right from the start, and will try different Careworkers as required to ensure that the right person is looking after you or the person you are caring for.