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Navigating the Aged Care Maze

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The Aged Care System is a Maze

There is no doubt that everyone finds the services provided to our frail seniors difficult to navigate. Even health ministers and bureaucrats have admitted this at conferences and in meetings attended by our staff.

Funding for services comes from all levels of government- federal, state and local – in some cases the one service is funded from multiple levels of government- and the information about all of this is not located in one place.

The Living Longer Living Better reforms add to the confusion as we are currently part of a process that is changing the funding models, the assessment models, the service models and the information provision models.

To make it even more confusing the interpretation of government guidelines, both past and present, from one organization providing the services to another can be quite different.

All of this can be quite baffling to those who are trying to find services for themselves or their loved ones at a time of need- and often at time of crisis.

Reaching a crisis

The moment that people start their journey navigating the maze is often at a time of crisis. This makes the complexities even more difficult to understand and handle. Finding the websites, learning the jargon, understanding the funding models and of course the fear of waiting lists can culminate in distress and disillusionment.

How we can help –

Navigate the Aged Care Maze Consultation

The Senior Staff at Care With Quality has in excess of 100 years combined experience in supporting the seniors and people with disabilities in Victoria. We come together with backgrounds in nursing, occupational therapy and social work, having been part of teams developing local council services, nursing home services, post acute care services, training and the very first private home care support services. We stay on top of industry movement by being active participants on peak body committees, through chairing community task forces and being members of national and local committees.

We gather the information together so that we can help our clients navigate the maze and get the best assistance possible through funding organisations.

To do this, Care With Quality provides a free 45 minute consultation that helps you locate the information that you need… the information that is relevant to the location you are in and at your own stage of life.

To book a Navigate the Aged Care Maze Consultation phone or in person consultation email welcome@carewithquality.com.au or call (03) 9572 9399.

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