Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay the Careworker directly? CARE WITH QUALITY PAYMENT OPTIONS

No! No money changes hands between you and the Careworker.  Our accounts department will send an invoice every 2 weeks.  Payment is required within 7 days and can be made by calling with your credit card details, paying directly over the internet using your internet banking or by sending a cheque.

Can I give the Careworker a thank you gift? CARE WITH QUALITY’S GIFT POLICY

We understand that you appreciate the work that the Careworkers provide, however we ask that you do not give them gifts of thank you. Other than a small token such as chocolates in the festive season, Careworkers are required to refuse if offered presents.

Are Careworkers screened before coming to our home? CARE WITH QUALITY SCREENING PROCEDURES

Care With Quality abides by the Community Common Standards.

  • All Careworkers have a Police Check that is less than 6 months old prior to starting with us.
  • New police checks are completed every 3 years.
  • Random police checks are done on 5 % of our Careworkers 4 times per year.
  • If the Careworker has lived overseas they are required to complete a Stat Dec stating that they have not been convicted of any criminal activity while living overseas.
  • Visa status is investigated if the Careworker is not an Australian citizen
  • Three reference checks are required on employment.
  • Careworkers working with people under 18 years of age are required to have a Working With Children’s Check.
  • Complete lists of all the above checks are maintained by our Quality Team on our Data Base and relevant reports are available for review by the many Government run, not for profit and private organizations that we do work for, according to our Service Agreements.
  • Our data base does not allow us to roster shifts with Careworkers if the mandatory requirements are not up to date.

Care With Quality maintains best practice Quality initiatives to ensure the integrity of our services.

What if I don't like the Careworker you've sent? CARE WITH QUALITY

Sometimes finding the best match between Careworker and client takes time. Everyone is different. Our care coordinators will always do their best to change Careworkers as quickly as possible at your request, until we find the best match.

Can I have the same Careworker every visit? CARE WITH QUALITY

Our preference is to have as few Careworkers coming to you as possible. Having only one Careworker may not be ideal as everyone needs time off work from time to time, so it’s good if at least 2 people understand your routines and requirements. Of-course this depends also on how many hours we are coming each week. Our care coordinators will work with you to roster the best number of Careworker according to your individual circumstances and preferences.