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Meal Preparation

Meal Preparation Services

For some individuals, eating and drinking properly can be a challenge due to physical or cognitive reasons. At Care With Quality, we provide meal preparation services to help with the preparation and consumption of meals, as well as ensuring adequate drinks are had. Our Care and Support Workers can visit daily during meal times to assist you.

Our services are personalised to meet your specific dietary, religious, cultural, and health needs, as well as your personal preferences. Our Care and Support Workers can help you plan a healthy and balanced meal plan and provide assistance with cooking and serving your meals. We can also help with grocery shopping and provide companionship at the dinner table.

Our goal is to help you live a healthy life and feel your best. By ensuring that you enjoy a variety of nutritious foods, eat regularly, and participate in the meal preparation process as much as possible, our meal preparation services can help you achieve this.

"As a support worker, I've seen firsthand how the aroma of a freshly cooked meal can stimulate the appetite and encourage better eating habits. That's why preparing meals at home can be so beneficial, especially when compared to packaged meals like those offered by meal delivery services such as Meals on Wheels. When meals are prepared in the comfort of one's own home, they're more likely to be enjoyed and provide greater nourishment for overall health and wellbeing."

To learn more about how we can support you with meal preparation, please check out our programs below.