25 Years Of Experience

Making art and reaching goals

Mary is an NDIS recipient and client of Care With Quality.

Mary has been attending a glass art class for years now. The classes involve creating art pieces through cutting and decorating glass before placing the pieces in a kiln. The finalised creations are wonderfully unique and expressive.

“Something just clicked” is how Mary describes attending her first class all those years ago. Since then, Mary has created hundreds of art pieces that she has mostly given away to family and friends with some favourites, taking pride of place at home. “I love doing it and seeing the results”.

Along her glass art journey, Mary has had ongoing support from Judy, a care worker with Care With Quality.

Every week Judy provides one-on-one support for Mary to attend glass class, shopping, health appointments and anywhere else that is needed. “I think that it would be a bit tricky, but not for her”.

Everything Judy does she does quietly, but she makes you feel safe – She has the presence about her, this calm that when she is with you.”

Thanks, Mary, for sharing your story and Judy, for the great work that you do! We can’t wait to see the next glass art creation.

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