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What support is available for personal care?

Personal care takes a different shape for every single one of us. Whether you’re someone who likes to spend an hour perfecting a new hairstyle, or you want to be out of bed and fresh for the world as quickly as possible, shaping a personal care routine that enables us to look and feel our best helps to set the tone for the day to come. For many people who are experiencing the impacts of ageing, or who may be living with a permanent or significant disability, personal care can bring a number of challenges on a daily basis.

Personal care support can alleviate these concerns and assist people in the small details that make a world of difference. Whether it’s grooming, showering, eating or accessing the community, personal care support helps to empower individuals and support them in achieving their goals.

This is also important for individuals who are facing challenges at home, but who want to stay in their own home for as long as possible. By bringing in necessary personal care support, individuals can remain safely in their familiar home environment, while accessing the support they need to remain healthy and comfortable.

Areas of personal care

Personal care needs are different from person to person, but there are a number of key areas worth reviewing to ensure your loved one’s personal care needs are being met. These include…

  • Assistance with personal hygiene, such as showering, toileting and managing continence
  • Dressing, shaving, grooming and managing all areas of personal appearance
  • Food preparation, assistance with eating and meal clean-up
  • Transferring in and out of bed with the assistance of chairs and wheelchairs
  • Administration and management of medication
  • Access to the community and to social activity
  • Maintenance of regular activity and exercise, encouraging ongoing health and wellbeing

Personal care support can also assist those who have further challenges in specific areas such as vision, dementia care, respite care or palliative care. Support workers and carers can undertake personal care needs that allow family members to gain necessary rest, or to preserve the dignity and privacy of the individual in need through an external support network.

No matter the level of your personal care needs, funding from the NDIS and via the Australian Government’s aged care services can provide necessary support in making the most of every day. Intentional and tailored personal care support ensures individuals are safe, healthy, and able to engage with their wider community.

Funding available for personal care

There are multiple types of funding available to those in need of personal care support. For ageing individuals, personal care services are eligible via the Australian Government’s Aged Care support, which can be accessed via the My Aged Care website.

For individuals living with permanent or significant disabilities, the NDIS provides funding that assists people across all kinds of complex care needs and considerations.

Personal care doesn’t need to be a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether an individual is in need of regular weekly support, sporadic visits, or 24-hour care, the kind of funding and supports available are closely tied to the needs of the individual themselves. This allows for a case-by-case basis to ensure dignity, respect and consistency across the provision of necessary support services.

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Aged Care – personal care considerations

Each of us will experience ageing differently, with all kinds of considerations based on personal preferences, capacities and needs. It’s common for ageing individuals to find themselves in need of assistance around personal care areas such as home maintenance, cleaning, grocery shopping and errand running, or companionship for appointments and community activities.

This is why government support is tailored based on individual needs. If you have concerns for yourself, or for an ageing loved one, you can be supported in accessing necessary support that allows for independence within a comfortable home environment.

Care With Quality works with ageing individuals all over Melbourne to provide thoughtful, attentive and reliable personal care. Our Home Care Packages come with a dedicated Case Manager who works alongside you and your support network to ensure you’re able to get the most from this package. The focus here is on what’s needed to meet your goals, allocating supports that allow you to live the life you want.

Individuals with disabilities – personal care considerations

Personal care is a crucial consideration for those living with permanent or significant disabilities. NDIS funding ensures that these individuals can access personal care support that equips them to reach their goals, with support based on individual needs and considerations. Care With Quality provides support services that promote independence and autonomy, drawing on decades of experience to deliver superior care.

Whether it’s the area of dressing and grooming, daily showering and toileting, hand, foot and nail care, specialised support, community access, education and employment or more, our team works alongside each of our customers to support them in their daily endeavours and experiences.

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