Escorting to Events, Appointments and Activities

One of our favourite services that we provide is taking our clients to special events! It’s a thrill for a Careworker to watch the excitement of a family wedding, especially if it’s a client and family that the Careworker knows well. The family are delighted to have their loved one there (often a grandparent or great grandparent) and even more so because it is made so easy by providing the support to get the person there and tend to their needs during the event. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the occasion to its fullest!

Sometimes people need assistance to get to a variety of appointments or activities of all kinds, including:

  • doctor’s appointments
  • medical and hospital appointments
  • hydrotherapy
  • weddings and other family functions
  • funerals
  • bridge or bowls
  • planned activity groups
  • luncheons
  • theatre or movies


Whatever the activity we can provide transport alone, or support during the activity if required. It’s easy to book – click here