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Beating the heat this Summer

As the warmer months approach, many of us are thinking about that long awaited holiday to escape the heat. Judi Cohen of Care With Quality reminds us to consider the extra care older family members will require.

As we get older, the choices of what to do during the hot summer months begin to change. It’s not necessary to travel at peak season anymore, which allows you to avoid periods where destinations are full of schoolaged children.

For some people, there are obstacles to travelling and getting around. Staying home now becomes an easier option, especially as the mercury soars and temperatures are extreme.
Support is available no matter what you decide to do over the summer, should you need it.

If you choose to travel

Why not take a Careworker with you?

The Careworker can act as your companion, assist with showering, shopping, arranging transport … in fact, a Careworker can assist with almost anything that would help you
enjoy your holiday and be as independent as possible.

Last summer, a Care With Quality Careworker travelled on a cruise with Bill and his wife. Bill said: “My cruise in December 2013 would have been fairly impossible without the care of Angela, our Careworker. There was no way my wife could have managed my showers, or helped me in getting on and off the ship/buses etc. I was so pleased to be able to enjoy my holiday
so much.”

If you don’t need someone with you all the time, Care With Quality can also arrange for a carer to assist you at your destination.

If you choose to stay at home

Should you choose to remain at home while your family who usually provides you with some support are away, consider getting some extra help to assist with day-to-day needs.

You may be eligible for some support through the Commonwealth Carer Respite Services (CCRS 1800 052 222). This assistance is government funded and has a yearly cap, so eligibility this summer may depend on whether you’ve accessed any of the funding through the year. It is respite for your main carer (family member) and is independent of any other government-funded package you may have.

If you have a son or daughter who usually helps you through the week, but will be going away for a break, they will have peace of mind and enjoy their vacation even more, knowing you are in good hands.
In these cases, a Care With Quality Careworker may drop in a few times a week to provide the assistance you require. As this funding is really designed to assist your family carer, it is that person who should contact the CCRS for information.

If you’re not eligible for assistance through CCRS, or they don’t offer as much as you would like, you can purchase services privately through Care With Quality or any agency that provides
Home Care.

During a heat wave

If you find yourself at home during a heat wave, always remember to:

  • Keep cold drinks close at hand and drink regularly
  • Dress lightly
  • Reduce the heat coming into the house by drawing curtains and blinds
  • Do less physical activity
  • Have someone check on you daily
  • Call for help if you feel you need it.

Support through Care With Quality can usually be arranged within 24 hours, but planning in advance makes it easier for all. Contact Care With Quality on (03) 9572 9300, or for more information, visit

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