What Help Can I Get?

Care With Quality provides a range of services to assist you. 

Here are some examples of needs you might have and the service type that would help.


I've had a hip operation and need help to wash and dry my feet

I'm scared to have a shower when I'm on my own

I can't get out to shop and pay bills any more

I'm lonely at home now that I'm on my own

I can't drive to appointments

I can't get out to see my friends any more

I don't feel safe at home at night on my own

We can't manage the cooking any more

My wife keeps leaving the stove on

My husband has dementia and can't play bridge and bowl like he used to. He seems so bored all the time

I can't reach the washing line

I'm going away for a few weeks and need someone to drop in and check on my parents

I'm getting married and would love to have my grandmother there, but she's in a nursing home and it will be too difficult to get her there and look after her

I'm at work all day and my mother is at home all day on her own. I worry whether she is eating? is she lonely?

Dad would like to go out, but he can't go out on his own anymore. He loves company.

We haven't been on a holiday in years. It would be so nice to go away for a few days