A very big thanks to your Careworker W and to Care With Quality for the care given to my wife by all. And I am so grateful you could broker the Monday service to do be done prior to her admission to XX hospital for further chemo…. W was marvellous and worked very hard. We appreciated her care very much all the times she came to us.

From a Post Acute Care Client – Mr C of Brunswick

Just knowing that Mum was being looked after throughout our daughter’s wedding celebrations enhanced our enjoyment and participation on this special day.

The Carer helped her to get ready and brought her for the photos and to the venue, allowing her to take her time and not feel rushed

The Carer made sure that all her personal needs were met but also that she wasn’t left alone at the table whilst we were participating in the usual run of things.

As well as making sure she had plenty to eat and drink, she brought her up to the dance floor to enjoy the dancing and even took her around in her wheelchair to meet old friends.

When Mum got tired she was able to go home and be helped to settle for the night.

All these things meant that we didn’t have to worry constantly about her welfare , or leave earlier. So we actually were stress free and able to enjoy her pleasure in the celebrations as well.

Following an Escort to a Wedding – Deborah B of Brighton

The carers offer stimulating activities for my father, like taking him for walks in the garden in his wheelchair, watching his favorite movies with him, listening to his favorite music, looking at old photographs, stamp albums or current magazines, reading him the newspaper and assisting him at meal times. They are very amenable to trying different things with him and writing in a diary what worked, what didn’t and his mood. What this offers our family is peace of mind that he is being stimulated. Since he has had carers his cognitive state has improved dramatically. He is much more aware, tries to talk, can feed himself some days, and seems a lot happier.

The difference in my father since having carers is like a miracle. He has his favorite carers ( although all of Judi’s carers are great). Care With Quality really listens to what works and doesn’t work and match the carer to the client. Dads favorite carer is so proactive and brings in his own stamp collection to show Dad as Dad loves stamps. He also is extremely proactive in suggesting activities that would benefit dad.

From the daughter of a regular client we attend – Sharon M of Caulfield