Our Approach

The Active Service Model is at the core of our approach at Care With Quality.

The aim is to find the balance for each individual so that their own self esteem and independence are not compromised. Often people can do so much for themselves and only require a bit of supervision or help with particular aspects of an activity. Of course some require more assistance and therefore it is important to start all services with a well informed Care Plan that is flexible and reviewed regularly.

We are also well aware of fluctuation in people’s abilities and are prepared to increase or decrease the level of support at any time. Regular feedback is sought from everyone involved to ensure this happens.

Another aspect of our approach is that of ensuring our Senior Staff are fully aware of new learnings and research, industry trends and new technology in the aged and disability sectors. In order to do this Senior Staff are encouraged to participate actively in peak body committees and attend conferences and seminars regularly and ensure that this wealth of knowledge is shared with all staff through training, meetings and forums.

By keeping up with state of the art practices Care With Quality can provide excellent support services.