How does it work?

Care with Quality Process

Initial Contact

You can call Care With Quality directly to arrange services. We start with a chat over the phone to work out the best way to go from there. Usually we will come and meet with you to work out a Care Plan before starting. Some people like to do this with family present, or sometimes families like to make the arrangements on behalf of a family member. We even come to visit people in hospital if they need services to start when they are discharged home.

Working out a care plan

The Care Plan will include things like:

  • What sort of support services you would like
  • How often you would like the services to happen
  • What your preferences are for the Careworker who will come
Matching a careworker

Once the Care Plan is complete, time is taken by our Care Co-ordinators to match your requests to a Careworker. If we are attending several times a week we do suggest more than one Careworker attends, so that when that Careworker is on leave or unable to attend there is someone else who can fill in who you are familiar with. This is up to you, of course.

Meet & Greet

You can book a Meet and Greet with the Careworker before they actually start if you would like to.

Service Begins

A start date is determined and services begin according to the plan.

Feedback & Review

Regular feedback from all those involved is requested and changes to the services, timing and even the Careworker can be made as required.